Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Are The Leading Threat To Drinking Water.

Research has determined that the leading threat to our nation’s drinking water sources is from the leaking of underground storage tanks. The average life of an underground steel tank is approximately 30 years. While most residential underground tanks are exempt from the regulations, keep your family and community safe from contamination by consulting with GES about your underground tank.

Drills for Underground Tanks

Was Your Home Built Before 1980?

Homes built before 1980 often have underground tanks fabricated from bare steel, which is likely to corrode over time. Many homes in Virginia were built well before 1980 when regulations were less stringent in their requirements of underground storage tanks. Contact GES to discuss your underground storage tank and we’ll help you determine if any action is warranted.

Do You Think You May Have A Leak?

Sometimes, leaks can be obvious, even with an underground tank. Fuel on the ground surface around the tank or seeping through basement walls, strong vapors near the tank or water in the fuel are all clear signs a tank is leaking. Sometimes, underground tank leaks are not obvious, but you may experience unusual and unexplained usage. In these cases, GES can determine if there is a leak by drilling small holes around the tank to collect soil or water samples. Should your tank require removal and replacement, we develop a plan of action for you to review. Our team communicates our recommendations clearly and concisely so that you understand exactly what needs to happen and can be there for you through the entire process.

We Report To You.

At GES, we use the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recommendations to keep our community safe from leaking underground storage tanks that can contaminate our soil and water resources. Should you suspect a leak, we report our findings directly to you and provide a plan of action that resolves the problem and remediates contamination, if any is discovered.

GES Is Your Trusted Environmental Partner.

The team at GES is committed to keeping our community and neighbors safe from defective and damaged underground storage tanks. Your family’s health and safety is our concern. A problem you cannot see is just as dangerous as a visible one. Whether you require Underground Storage Tank (UST) release assessment or the removal of an underground or above ground storage tank, GES is your trusted partner for all your environmental needs.

Are You Ready To Discuss Underground Storage Tanks?