Meticulous Cleanup With Our Vacuum Truck Services.

Our vacuum truck and vacuum trailer are critical tools for oil tank removal and liquid cleanup in the Shenandoah Valley and central Virginia. With these two powerful tools, we can remove kerosene, diesel fuel, heating oil (fuel oil), and oily water on your property. We transport and operate our truck and trailer in residential and commercial locations, delivering comprehensive cleanup that protects your home and business. The vacuum truck and trailer work well in many situations, including:

We remove excess fuel when a tank is leaking or before removing or closing an unused fuel tank.

We efficiently remove liquid from tanks, totes, drums, and oil/water separators with our vac truck and/or trailer.

The vacuum truck can expertly skim surface water to remove impurities.

After heavy flooding, the vacuum truck is perfect for removing contaminated water from basements.

We use our vacuum truck to pull raw product or water from monitoring and recovery wells.

vacuum truck for oil tank removal

An Innovative Tool For Environmental Stewardship.

Our vacuum truck and trailer are two of the many tools we use to provide comprehensive services that protect our environment. Powered by heavy-duty motors, these pieces of equipment operate similarly to a large-scale shop vac, removing gallons of harmful products from your environment. We then recycle or dispose of these liquids in an environmentally responsible manner. Our experienced team carefully operates this powerful equipment to provide comprehensive cleanup you can trust.

Experienced Oil Tank Removal & Responsible Tank Closure.

Virginia law requires unused oil and fuel tanks to be properly closed or removed from residential and commercial properties. We use our vacuum truck to clean out excess fuel prior to removing or foaming-in-place fuel tanks. Our experienced team coordinates with local and federal regulatory agencies to ensure your property stays compliant with current legal requirements.

The GES Difference Provides Peace Of Mind.

Our team embodies the skills and expertise necessary to provide comprehensive environmental services. Educated scientists test and evaluate surrounding soil and water sources while their mechanical training allows them to operate heavy-duty drills and specialty trucks. This combination of skills provides meticulous and detailed services to protect your home or business. That’s the GES difference! Are you ready for oil tank removal and vacuum truck services?