Protect Your Investment From Environmental Contamination With Proactive Underground Fuel Tank And Petroleum Monitoring.

Your commercial property is a significant investment. A leaking underground fuel tank can have a negative impact on the environmental health of your property and make you liable for remediation. Every underground tank will fail, eventually. A proactive monitoring approach is far preferable to a reactive response to an emergency release. Monitoring wells are drilled adjacent to underground tanks to varying depths, depending upon applications. The drilled borehole is sleeved with PVC pipe, which is terminated at ground level and covered with a small manhole-type cover. This easy access allows for vapor or water samples to be collected at any time. The experts from GES will perform a site visit to your location and submit detailed recommendations for monitoring solutions, including well installation and the structure for a regular monitoring program. GES can drill and install the wells and routinely monitor them, or will provide training to your staff so that you may perform your own ongoing monitoring.

testing underground fuel tank

GES Reports To You.

At GES, we work directly for our clients and report all data and findings to you. We provide comprehensive, detailed assessments so that you make informed decisions regarding your property. When the health of your investment is called into question, choose an environmental partner with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to provide quality, third party assessment and remediation services.

Environmentally Responsible Industries Keep Localities Profitable.

Since 1988, GES has provided environmental services throughout Virginia and parts of Virginia. We are committed to maintaining the environmental health and safety of this area by keeping it clean and profitable for our industrial and commercial clients so that their business is viable. From Environmental Site Assessments to emergency spill response services, choose GES as your environmental partner.

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