Emergency Spill Response Services Require Responsible Action.

At GES, we offer emergency spill response services for cleanup of petroleum products throughout Virginia and its surrounding areas. Our experienced professionals will remove the hazardous materials and test the area surrounding the spill to determine if mitigation is necessary. Regardless of whether the spill occurs on your property or at a jobsite, GES arrives in a timely manner and remediates the spill as efficiently as possible.

Trained And Certified Professionals Clean Up Hazardous Spills Safely.

Our on-call professionals are OSHA certified and have completed the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training. These certifications ensure that the GES professional technician is well trained in protecting himself and your employees or clients during a cleanup. From the initial site assessment to the soil and water testing required after the cleanup has been completed, GES ensures all work is completed with your safety and business in mind.

Monitoring Wells Provide Easy Access For Ongoing Testing.

Periodic monitoring for contaminants after a spill is often required and GES will provide sample collections or monitoring wells when needed. Monitoring wells provide easy access for sampling so that you can measure changes in known contamination levels over time. Monitoring wells help us understand the nature of underground water flow. This understanding can help prevent further contamination of possible receptors such as nearby water wells, sanitary sewers and surface water by identifying the best remediation locations and methods.

Quick Clean Up Keeps Virginians Healthy.

At GES, we understand that speed is of the essence when it comes to cleaning up fuel or other hazardous material spills. A quick arrival limits the spread of contamination and minimizes their impact to the environment. Our professionals are trained and certified to act quickly, arriving as soon as possible to the location of the spill, mitigate dispersal, and immediately implement cleanup procedure.

Dedicated To Our Clients And The Environment.

At GES, we are committed to providing exemplary customer service in a warm and personable manner. We believe our environment is one of our greatest assets and should be cared for with efficient and effective emergency spill response should an accidental release of hazardous material occur. When you require it, contact GES, your trusted environmental partner.

Do You Require Emergency Oil Spill Cleanup?