Environmental Consultants With A History Of Service.

Since 1988, GES has been an industry leader in environmental consulting, drilling, and emergency spill response services in Virginia and surrounding areas. Whether we work with homeowners, business owners, industry partners, or government organizations, you can depend on the same honest and dependable service that GES has a history of providing. From Phase I to Phase III of Environmental Site Assessment to tank removal services, the expertise of our team at GES means your work plan of action will be custom developed to work with you and your property in mind. When you need quality information and care, contact GES.

Drilling Boring Holes

We Offer Environmental Drilling Done With Care.

Virginia is known for its diverse geology. One piece of property can go from a bedrock made of shale to one made of limestone over just a few feet. GES has the experience and understanding of the diverse geology of Virginia to use the appropriate tools to drill monitoring or recovery wells on your property. Properly placed wells minimize damage to your property and maximize effectiveness, keeping your property and investment healthy.

Tank Investigation And Removal Keeps You Safe.

At GES, we inspect and remove both underground and above ground tanks. From residential heating oil tanks to commercial petroleum tanks, our crew has the tools and expertise to handle even the toughest or most hazardous project with the care it demands. Choose an environmental partner with the experience necessary to get the job done.

A Business Built On Improving The Environment.

GES was founded on a social and environmental platform to provide clean water sources for people all over the world. While most of our work has stayed in the United States, our sense of service has stayed the same: to provide a healthy environment for our communities. At GES, we are proud of our team and the services they provide in making Virginia a healthier place to live.

Are You Ready To Work With Environmental Consultants You Can Trust?